Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Innocent until proven guilty

Today I finally wore my new shirt from H&M, which cost me only 5 euros. At first I thought the collar detail would be too much - I'm not a big fan of that material, but now I love it, it adds such nice detail to the top! Oh, and also you can see how tired I look in mornings, when I wake up at 06:24.
PS. I kinda failed there with the question of the day issue, didn't I? I keep meaning to take photos of my room, shoes and wardrobe but I always forgot and now I'm always home when it's already dark, and I don't want to show my room with pictures where I used flash, hate it! I promise I'll do it asap! Meanwhile, you can ask me other stuff xo


  1. mm, izskatās, ka no sarkanās krāsas tur NEKAS nav palicis. :D

  2. I love your blouse!


  3. I loved this outfit at school today, you looked awesome !

  4. Thanks! :-) I love the blouse too, soo much :D

  5. I think I tried on this blouse but it didn't suit me :( looks very nice on you though! :)



  6. I'm not really into the hearts but i love the pale pink and black together :)