Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's in your eyes, a colour fade out

Some photos from last Friday, if I remember right?:P This Friday me and the girls will have a big girls night out - first dinner at Gabriele's and then town around 10 or something. Can't wait!
On a different note, I've been thinking about summer jobs and stuff, even tried to find some but there was always a language barrier or had to be 18 (at H&M, for example). But this morning my mum told me about the chance to work at my parents job, they have a special thing for summer jobs. Usually you have to be 18, which would mean I can only do it next summer, since I will turn 18 after this summer, but now you have to be born in 1993 or earlier to get this job. Happy! The minimum wage in Luxembourg is pretty high, so I think it will be nice.


  1. nice about the job

  2. i'm gonna work at my mom's office too!
    but shops like cactus, delhaize or auachan also take students from 16+ :)

  3. Lovely outfit an I like your hair!
    nice about that job!

  4. You are sooo lucky about the job , i'm also try to find one but it's kinda impossible in france when you're not 18 or if it is you have a terrible wage ..

  5. What's up with the pendulum reference