Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last night

Here's some photos from last night. Got lots of pics of Fred, haha. I'll just explain the photos a little bit. In first photo we're all outside and I was taking photos of Fred who was firing fireworks, in second and third photo are my attempts at photographing the fireworks.. since I never did this before, I had to figure it out then and there. My old camera has a "fireworks" option, but on my canon I just used sports, so the fireworks look kinda weird, lol :P. 4th photo is when we're getting ready to go outside, we all had to wear special safety glasses and of course Freddy is posing :D In the last photo Fred is a .. policeman cowboy...? haha :D I love him!
I had fun last night, and I didn't even drink, apart from 4 little sips of champagne (i hate champagne), so it's literally nothing compared to last year's NYE... How was your NYE? :) What did you do?


  1. had family dinner then to a friends house :)
    was a lot of fun, and glad to see that you had fun too :)

    i love your blog xx

  2. Yea... U failed with the attempt to photograph the fireworks. :P

  3. Nice pics ^^

    Lots of love, Lisette

  4. I don't agree with the other anon. I think the pics look really interesting, and I'm an artist, so, naturally, I'm crazy about different styles. ;-)


  5. Okay we can do that :D but I have school there,starts after tomorrow for me -.- and the sandro dress is nothing special actually,I wore for Duc's day it's just black..don't have a good picture of it