Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photobomb II

So here is the second photobomb of today :-) This one will contain more pictures of my friends - mostly from Friday from the warm up @ Gabriele's place.

Me giving Heleret a gold/black smokey eye. And the other one too.

Amalie *so gangsTAH* (you won't understand :D)

Yesterday, trying out outfit shots in the nice morning light. Seems like my sister is finally getting the hang of the new lens!

We were having so much fun at the table :DD

Zsofia and Rebeka :)

My new hairbow ;)
Krisztina :)

Uuuh, everything's so funny all the time


Rebeka, and her cool nails

Pretty : )

Love this jumper so much, I need more fluffy jumpers, definitely :D

Gabriele and Krisztina taking photos of themselves when no one's looking. Quelle surprise..

Heleret :)

Awwww ♥

PS: Sorry for the no-order whatsoever in this photobomb, but I don't have time right now to sort all the photos out!
PS2: Girls, if you want the photos from Friday, give me a USB :D
PS3: Amalie, i have SO many photos to give you, so the same applies to you :D


  1. I love seeing those pics :)
    You are so lucky when youre with your girls! Hehe <3

  2. thanks :) i use stuff from garnier, but sometimes also some other shampoos that i find at home :D but i almost always use a conditioner or a hair mask, i love the feeling it gives my hair :)

  3. oh, oops the person who asked about my shampoo must have asked it on my other photobomb :DDDD

  4. Hi, was that black sweater so short? because in that wholesale page it looks much longer,almost like a dress ;)