Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm so tired today and you can see it :D

Abricot juice ♥

Uhh dunno what I was doing here but I had some far worse pics that you'll NEVER get to see :D

Felt like taking some random pics today. Oh, please please please listen to this song, especially those who often ask me what my favourite songs are, cause this is definitely one of them. Can't get enough of it!


  1. Apricot juice? If you can you should try mango juice :D And I am also obsessed with Pendulum! Made me happy to find that someone else is too :D Their new album is a tuneeee!

  2. i also have mango juice, and drink it, when there isn't any abricot juice left :D heheheheheeeeeee

  3. pendulum is really great! :D were you at their concert?

  4. You seem really tired! I think that in your last photo you need a cigarret xD

  5. Guoda - yesss they are! and no i didn't go. i don't even understand why because it was a day after my birthday so it would have been perfect, plus it was only 5 euro.. i rly regret not going :(
    aura+vera - no i don't smoke! i need some candy or pasta :D but i'll get pasta in 5 min yay :D

  6. I really like your bag! I've bought a similar one too today ^^ mine is black though...
    and now I wan't a glass of juice too!