Monday, January 17, 2011

Right answer

Okay show's over, people, haha. I dyed my hair - yes, but only a few stripes! I found a color and was bored, so I couldn't help myself. It's a wash out. And somehow the ones on the right side almost came out when I took a shower last night. Anyway, I like it, and in real life the red looks way darker than in the photos!
So many people wrote "you dyed your hair", so I decided it's not valid, because that would be too many links AND it's not precise, therefore it could imply that I dyed my whole hair. So I picked 4 girls who wrote a comment which was true. One of them wrote that I dyed stripes in my hair, the others wrote that I dyed hair and didn't use gloves (true!), and stuff like this :D

Steffi , Julia , Aline , Jil !

To the others : thanks for all the funny ideas, have you any clue how creative you guys are? Maybe better luck next time!


  1. hair's looking GOOOD
    and in love with that shirt and bow!

  2. haha thanks :)
    looks pretty good, can't wait to see "real" pictures :) x

  3. gorgeous:)
    how do you get these waves? i really love them<3

  4. In real life it doesnt look good, as so in the photos.

  5. yeah, they're so cool! but they're from Chaussea, also in gare. But I saw similiar ones in the chinese shop :)