Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is how I like to shop

Hey! Here's the things I bought yesterday in H&M (minus the bra, i don't wanna show photos of my underwear, so that strangers wouldn't know what underwear I'm wearing) :P

Remember this(click) post? So yesterday I walk into H&M and see one of the sweaters (in red though), hanging there for 5 euro! It would be a crime not to buy it, especially when I'm in such a sweater deficit. The original price was 20 euro.

In H&M Kids I found this lovely hat for 5 euro. Original price was 8 euro.

In H&M Boys I found this parka type of jacket for 5 euro(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Original price was 30 euro.

In H&M Kids (again) I found this purple big sweater for 3 euro!! Woohoo :D

The photos don't do the clothes any justice, but I was in a hurry when I took them :-( Anyway, this is how I like to shop. Everything as cheap as possible. Instead of spending 90 euro (all original prices together) I spent 17 euro. And I actually needed all these things, really much. Score or what?


  1. i tend to shop like crazy around sale times as well :)

  2. aw the two sweaters are really awesome! i wanted to buy the first one too, but i havent seen my size anywhere in the sales. pity.