Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's outfit

(H&M coat, Zara jeans, boots)
This is what I wore today! I prefer my indoor outfit though, this coat is not one of my favourites :D We took these photos after swimming and washing my hair, that's why it looks so soft and stuff. I can't believe that I actually finished swimming today, and did my swimming test, swam those 16 lenghts.. it's crazy that I actually managed!


  1. Oh I love your coat and the hair!!!

  2. I like the outfit, awesome coat !
    And I absolutely hate swimming, I'm always the only person in the class that fails the test, but then I still feel so proud after, just because I got through it + no more swimming afterwards! :D

  3. woooohoo, you look so amazing on these!♥
    i even think you look waay more mature!