Wednesday, January 19, 2011


(coat - Mango, jeans - cheap monday, bag -, snood - H&M)
This is my yesterday's outdoor outfit! I figured I don't make too many posts with my coats on. Just look at the difference, how skinny I look in the second picture, when my sister's hand moved! Well, now I'm gonna continue getting ready for school. Have a good day ♥


  1. You seems TOO skinny in the second picture , and your body is perfect on the first one
    I love your coat and your outfit is really simple but seems to be really comfy, love it !


  2. i prefer you on the first pic!<3

    btw, is this coat new? i love it:)

  3. I dont see the difference between skinny in the second pic. Anyway. love the coat!

  4. Thank you :) I bought this coat in Winter of 2009, I think. No, actually 2008. Yes.

  5. The bag seems to be a perfect dupe for the super expensive alexander wang duffle one!!! I ask it similar? I mean, is it a good dupe? or are there a lot of differences with the original one ?
    than you :)

    I really like your outfits!

  6. Love these photos!
    The jeans look amazing!