Thursday, February 3, 2011

Me by David Laurent for Luxuriant

Here's the pic that David took of me :-) Finally I'm allowed to show it, after receiving it in my mail two months ago. I don't feel like posting the other one, haha! He has an AMAZING camera, I mean when he showed me the photos on his camera, they were all so sharp and the colors were good. I'm pretty sure that this one isn't edited, cause as far as I remember, it looked the same on his camera. If you want, I can try to take a good photo of the interview itself, although it's in french. Let me know :-) Anyway, I'm amazingly grateful for this opportunity, it's so nice to see myself in a magazine!

I also wanted to tell you that now I'm back on twitter, for good! I'm checking it all the time, cause I follow so many shops that make twitter competitions where you can win clothes and stuff, and I'm actually tweeting myself now too! So if you want to follow, here is my profile! (it's protected, yessss) ♥


  1. yeah, i'd like to read it :)
    so it would be pretty friendly of you'd take a sharper & detailed photo of the french interview ;D