Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Since I never do any kind of recipe/food posts on my blog, I decided to share this post about one of my favourite milkshakes! I warn you, it's nothing original and special, but I just want to show how easy it is, and tastes really good ;-)

So this is what you need! Plus sugar, which I forgot to add in the photo :) Basically you need: a blender of course, banana (can be replaced with vanilla ice cream, because it will taste similar, and it makes the milkshake more.. bold?). Milk is needed too, and rasberries! Since I was at Amalie's place, I buy frozen ones, they're much cheaper and can be kept for long! Usually in milkshakes I use the brownest banana's, because I never want to eat those, even if they taste the same :-p

First I take a cupful of rasberries, and put them in the microwave for 1 minute (just because I can't bother to wait for them to unfreeze), otherwise they might break my blender.. i don't know if they will, but I'm too scared to try :D
When the rasberries are in the microwave, fill the blender halfway up with milk, and then add sugar! I usually add lots of sugar, cause I love it.. and we use the brown one, cause apparentally it's a bit healthier :D

Now the rasberries aren't frozen anymore and look like this!

Just spill the whole thing into the blender (which already has a banana in it, as you can see)

You need to put the lid on the blender, which will take you approximately 2 seconds. Placing the blender on the machine will take you like 3 seconds, and the next step is the bigger challenge.. press the button. And now wait.

When it's ready, it should look like this (or something similar :D)

Hope you enjoy :-D Remember, I'm no cook or anything, usually I just stick to frozen pizzas and ready made stuff.


  1. thanks ill try it!

  2. it's my favourite kind of smoothies too! :)

  3. that makes you want more yummi! :>

  4. That looks YUMMY!


  5. Kristiana, would you mind if I posted a "milkshake post" too? I made me feel like having one... yours looks delicious, but mine is very good too! Let me know : )

  6. I can't edit my previous comment..
    anyway, I've posted my post and also put a link to your blog...is that ok?
    have a nice evening!

  7. mary, somehow i can't access your blog when i click your name! but of course it's okay, i'm not the first person in the world to make it :D maybe put the link here? :) i maybe will try your milkshake too then :D

  8. this is the address of the blog: lifeinaflower.blogspot.com