Saturday, February 19, 2011


Heyhey! Sorry for the bad quality photo, but I'm on my small laptop where i don't have any proper image editing program, etc. I just wanna share some things with you but I'm so tired, so it will be bulletpointed.

  • On Monday morning I'm going to Greece with my family, to an island called Kos. We're coming back on Friday evening.
  • Last night was really amazing and fun. Spent it with great people, and had lots of fun!
  • The King's Speech was also a really good film, and really funny too.
  • Today I will meet Kate and we will watch the Black Swan.
  • In Greece I will have wireless connection, so I may blog but not all the time, since we won't sit in the hotel all day long.
  • I will try to make lots of pre-scheduled posts for next weeks. Try is the keyword here.
Last thing: please tell me your favorite movies that you have seen and absolutely loved. I will download like 20 or more, to take with me to Greece (for the plane ride and so on). So your help would be appreciated greatly by me AND my family.

Oh and one last thing: I realise I don't say it often, but I love all my readers! I don't know you guys personally, but it's touching how you spend your time writing such sweet comments, especially when I'm going through a hard time. Thanks for everything ♥


  1. American History X - best movie ever!

  2. some movies for you (: love and other drugs, 500 days of summer, lol, the notebook, the last song, blind side, my sister's keeper, the lovely bones ( one of the best movies I've ever seen (: but really sad ), definitely-maybe and he's just not that into you

    I hope you like some of the movies (: and I wish you a nice time with your family in greece (:

  3. Pleeeeease post some pics from Greece! I love Greece! Thank you :)

  4. You look lovely! Have fun there :)
    I absolutely loved Burlesque! I don't know if you have already watched it but it's really funny and lovely :)

  5. Lol is great !
    It's a typical teenage film and the actors there wear very fashionable clothes. :) I think you should definitely watch Lol. <3
    And another film which i find very very VERY funny is Hangover. :D
    Maybe you have already watched it but it's like fucking funny. :)
    Have a nice time in Greece ! <3

  6. what's wrong,hun? I hope you get better, and lucky you,because I don't have a break from school..

  7. Please take pics in Greece! I suggest Bride Wars, Knight and Day, 2012, did you hear about the morgans,

  8. -500 days of Summer
    -Love and other drugs
    -Due date
    -I love you Beth Cooper
    -The tourist
    -127 hours
    -7 pounds
    -It's complicated
    -She'sout of my league
    I like all these movies :)

  9. Desperado - my all-time favorite movie.
    And ere are some newer movies I like - Eat Pray Love, Dinner with Schmucks, Easy A, Life as we know it, Due Date, Love and other drugs. :)

  10. Your outfit looks gooood ! Here's a list of movies you cannot miss :
    American History X
    Fight Club
    Requiem for a dream
    Donnie Darko
    The Virgin Suicides
    The Truman Show
    Interview with the Vampire
    The Machinist
    American Beauty
    Mullholland drive
    The Pretige
    The Illusionist
    I know that makes a lot but they're all awesome and make you think. Have fun !

  11. Well it depends on what kind of movies you're normally into, but I really enjoyed Good Will Hunting! :)
    And all old-school Disney movies of course ;D

  12. Welcome to the Riley's
    Easy E
    Summer's Moon
    Picture This
    Have fun!

  13. Never let me go (not a love movie);
    Love me if you dare (diferent love movie);
    Scott pilgrim vs. the World (relly good);
    I heart huckabees (very funny);
    it's king of a funny story (one of the bests movies I've ever seen with one of the bests soundtracks);
    The squid and the whale (very interesting)

    that's all for now :)
    have a great time watching them (if you will, off-course:))

  14. Some films, I really like:
    - Vampires suck (very funny twilight parody)
    - Mean Girls 2 (Not as good as the 1st one, but still normal)
    - Burlesque
    - Letters to Juliet
    - Casanova
    - Under the Toscan Sun
    - Get him to the greek
    - Skyline (kind of horror movie)
    - Angels & Demons
    - New York Minute
    - Once in Rome (there're 2 movies with that name, but I like both)

  15. Ferris Bueller's day Off? Old, but fabulous :)
    You look lovely in that outfit, have fun in Greece x

  16. If you want to laugh watch Hangover :D this movie is sooooooo funny

    have fun in Greece

    P.S. Love your Blog :)

  17. Hey, well just want you to know that Black Swan wasn't so good you know i saw it today so yeah well i don't really like it because you know it's special and strange and one of my friend was so afraid about this film :p

  18. i think you shouldnt miss penelope and atonement (attention: it's not a movie for a vacation, i guess)! have fun in greece ♥

  19. Omg i've been to kos, it's awful D: which hotel are you going to?


  21. 'Love actually' is an awesome film!

  22. amazing films: LOL, thirteen, the boat that rocked, burn after reading, easy A ...

  23. amazing films: LOL, thirteen, the boat that rocked, burn after reading, easy A ...

  24. oh and maybe he's not that into you

  25. oh and maybe he's not that into you

  26. I've been to Kos and I had a good holiday but the hotel was zero! Have fun in Grece :D

    -Série " Skins " :)

  27. Ferris Bueller´s day off- 20 year old comedy but stil soooooo funny!
    Oeeh Greece! Nice

  28. Shutter Island, Jennifer's Body, Crank: High Voltage, The Passengers.