Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is what I wore last night. Took me 2 minutes to change into these clothes from my airport clothes, haha. I forced my sister to take these photos of me, just before running off to the bus. Tonight I'm also going out, and I have no clue what to wear, because I don't even know what the occasion will be, so I don't know if I should dress casual or what. Anyway, now I'm off to do stuff in the house, so my mum would buy me my favourite perfume (we made a deal :P) ♥


  1. those trousers you bought in greece with heels would look nice for both smart and casual occasions :)
    have fun tonight x

  2. hey! great outfit :)
    i like ur hat!

  3. Oohh, you remind me of Jenny from Gossip Girl. :)
    Loving the look.