Friday, February 11, 2011

Random photos

Since I haven't got anything spectacular to post, here are some random photos I took recently.

Bought some candy for myself, but couldn't resist eating my favourite tic tacs before taking the photo..

A jumper that naketano (click) sent me today. They have really simple stuff, but the materials are AMAZINGLY soft.. All 4 items I have from this shop are super comfy!!

Another item from naketano (sorry for the clothes looking so.. "bent"? haha i dunno the word for this.. what i'm trying to say is that i haven't ironed them). They've now opened a guys section too, and this shirt is just as comfortable and soft as all the other things.

Two books that I'm reading at the moment..

Sister. Taken with my 55-250mm lens.


  1. the word for bent clothes is creased :)
    and those clothes look so nice and comfy :) i wish they had that shop in the uk xx

  2. your sister's hair is so long and pretty...makes me so jealous!