Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Some photos. I swear, I've already taken more than 500 photos with my camera and my dad has taken even more with his (canon 7D). So yeah, I'll have pretty many photos to show you guys. But most of them only when I'm back in Luxembourg and can use my other laptop, cause this one is so tiny, it's hard to edit photos, zoom in and such.
By the way, greek readers, there are soooo many cats walking around all over the place!! Sometimes we see like 20 kittens in one place, it's so cute :D also on my camera already ;-)

Now we're going on a walk through the old city, I guess. Cya!


  1. the photos are so cool

  2. You're lucky! Here , in Paris (yeah you're international, i follow you from France:p ) ,it is sooooooo cold and grey ,and ..ugly:p I'm jealous !

    Tell us about the weather there ! Can you go out wearing just a t-shirt ?

  3. ahh, I'm so jealous! the pictures are so cool!

  4. woah .... So pretty.