Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yesterday I realised I still have so many nice pairs of heels! But not all of them are so..you know..practical :) for example, these New Look ones. They're HOT, I simply LOVE them, but they're so high that I feel like my ankles will break, even when I simply walk them in my room. I think I will save them for some super special event or a professional photoshoot.

So, talking about photoshoots, do you have any good ideas, themes? Would help a lot!


  1. uhm for locations, urban? like under bridges and stuff.. with neon colors it would be pretty cool, if it doesn't get tacky :P or in front of a white wall, natural outfit and basically no make-up..? in black and white it would be pretty cool :)

  2. they may break an ankle, but they sure are cute!!!!!

    <3 megan

  3. Oh myy! Wonderful heels. How High are they?

  4. I m sooo in love with your shoes they are gorgeous! :)

  5. Lovely heels. And I go through the same thing! I have so many shoes stocked away in my cupboard but I hardly ever get the chance to wear them.