Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't make promises (you can't keep)

Hey guys. I'll go to sleep soon. Right now I'm sad because my little brother broke his arm and will have an operation in 4 minutes.. they will put metal in his hand and stuff.. he's only 6 years old :( Dunno what else to say. Will go now, goodnight!


  1. don't worry 2 of my little cousins also got that when they were only 4-5 and everything went alright :)

  2. good luck for his operation I'm sure everything is goingt to be alright (:

  3. loving the big hair :) for some reason, you remind me a little of ashley olsen in this photo


  4. Uhh I know how you feel... My little brother broke his arm too and there was also an operation needed. He was already two years older than your brother, but it was a very painful experience for him.
    We helped him with a lot of distraction... mathematics and such stuff:) don't worry too much, I think your brother looks very tough.
    best wishes

  5. I hope your little brother stays strong! I am very sorry :( Buy him his favorite sweets to take his mind off of it :p