Monday, March 21, 2011

I did my time and I want out

Hey! Today was quite nice. Had my math test.. I'm not quite sure about how it went, but I have a feeling that I will get either a 10 or 7/8. We'll see!
Anyways, this is what I wore today + my cropped biker leather jacket from Boohoo.
One last thing - have you got any idea what I should do with my baby hair? :D It's like all over the place, and I don't really use hairspray, and they're too small to get clipped, or it just takes too long to do it all. Do you think they will forever stay like this or will they grow? Because, somehow, I have a feeling that they've been this long for quite a while xD Anyway. I'm going. Tired, therefore I'll go to bed extra early. I think.


  1. they wont grow up. my hairdresser told me, but i really think that its cute!

  2. ohhh why are you so pretty hun? :-)
    love your hair when its uppp :D <3

  3. hm i have that problem as well. my baby hairs seem to love doing their own thing. but whenever i put my hair in a side parting i use hair wax. unlike hair gel you can use lots of with it looking so greasy and wet :)

  4. I used to cut my babyhairs. Total disaster! That's what you DON'T wanna do haha


  5. I think your baby hair is beautiful! just leave it, and it can be your trademark :) xo

  6. i have the same problem, every time i do a bun, i have this little mullet at the back of my head, bc of the baby hair! if you find a solution, please share it in your blog :)

  7. Jā, izaugt tie diemžēl neizaugs.. Nezinu, man kaut kā izdodas viņus savākt astē, neizmantojot laku/želeju/utt ..Iespējams man ir labi līdzekļi pēc matu mazgāšanas, kas palīdz..

  8. I love how sweet & simple this outfit looks (:

    & I think your baby hairs are cute - but sometimes when mine get to me I use a sea-salt spray to hold them back.

    (sea salt + water & you can add something like coconut oil to make it smell nice. or you can buy versions of this as well)