Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My room

Hey! Even though I've made room posts so many times before, people keep asking me to do it again, so here I took some pictures! My room hasn't really changed much in the last year.. It's really messy, usually (yes I do sleep with Literature books and magazines), my clothes and shoes are everywhere.. but I try to tidy it as much as possible :D The dominating colors are white, purple, and black - my favourite interior color trio! But I find it annoying that the door and floor and stuff are this brown wood color, kind of ruins it. Anyway, I like my room, it's very me!


  1. you bed looks sooooo cozy!! my god! wanna jump right in :D

  2. wow you have so many shoes xD jealous!

  3. Ahhh I'll die for having half of your shoes ahaha

    Love your blog


  4. Nice bedroom. I like your messy room. Maybe I'm gonna make a post about my room to!