Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love making random photo posts, because it doesn't require too much creativity, just throw everything in, add some captions and you're done :D!

My outfit today :) for those who wonder if it's cold in Luxembourg, lately it's been around 10 degrees and sunny, which is okay.

Kate, always looking good ♥

Had to buy a new external harddrive because I have way too many files! My old one was only 140 GB and my new one is 1 terabyte which is equal to 1000 GB (!!!). Happyhappyhappyyyyy

My make up :D

Kate, when we went to see Black Swan :)

My tights+socks today :D


  1. Your wavy hair on the third last pic looks very pretty! :)

  2. :o Your skirt is so damn short!

  3. Wanted to say the same as Chrissy. You always wear so ultra-short skirts. Isn't it uncomfy? For me the main problem with short skirts is that I can't bow down, for example if something falls down...
    And I've been wondering what do your parents think about you wearing soooo short skirts that barely cover your ass? No offence or anything :)

  4. I love your outfittt! sooo pretty :)
    I can never find over-the-knee socks :(