Monday, April 25, 2011

air war

Good morning :-) I woke up early today, around 11 am, that's early for me during holidays! Me and my cousin will soon get ready and go to town. We will try to get our manicures done if the salon is open, and we're going to buy a lot of donuts! Have a nice day :-) xo


  1. omg, I'll tell you sth but you won't believe me. I have a boyfriend for about 2 years. Some weeks ago he cheated on me and he didn't tell me. A friend of mine told me what happened and we got into a big fight. Almost every night I have nightmares and i feel sick. Today i dreamed, that we've been on a party together and then, he wanted to make me jealous, and the girl he chose to do it with, was you. :D I started laughing because I thought "that't not real, that's not real, this is impossible..." and then i woke up. :D Since then I'm flashed... :D I wanted to tell you this story because i think you should know, that you have a big effect on your followers. Girl, you are really beautiful and please never stop blogging! :)

  2. actually he was and still is the bad one. :D Not you... :D

  3. Akd cik skaisti.