Sunday, April 10, 2011

Girls birthday party

So yesterday me and Amalie went to a little girls birthday party. They were all 11-13 years old, and the theme was something like a beauty salon. All the girls wore bathrobes, flip-flops and had their hair back. So cute! We also got lots of smoothies, fruit and candy. One side of the room was for manicure and pedicure:
And the other side was the make-up salon, which me and Amalie were responsible and paid for. Unfortunately I didn't take a full picture of the whole table with all the make-up..
I took with me only one thing; my favourite eyeshadow set ever, by Urban Decay (I strongly recommend it!), and then I used all the other products that Amalie's mum who's a make-up artist brought along. The main task was to create smokey eyes (and of course cleansing, foundation, cheeks,lips etc).
My first girl was a green eyed brunette, so I decided to make her eyes gold/bronze and make her eyelashes appear very long. This is the result:

My second girl was a brown eyed brunette. She told me I can choose what colors to put on, so I decided to use white and purple. I think it looks really cute on her :-)

My third girl (I handpicked her, because I wanted to try a blonde, hehe) was a blue eyed blonde. She told me she wants something darker on her eyes, so I went with gold and black. She really liked the result and I did too!
Here is Amalie in action, creating a little drawing next to this girls eyes
And here some random photos from yesterday :D :