Sunday, April 10, 2011

If i see a light flashing could this mean that I'm coming home

Hey! Today I'm very very very busy! Have a loooot to do! However, thanks to Giuliano, I discovered this amazing TV series called The Avenue (watch them here - click). It's about Gregory Gorgeous, maybe you've seen his videos on youtube? He's really good at make up and has a great sense of style, I seriously want to steal all his clothes! Anyway, I recommend this TV series to everyone who is interested in the fashion world, drama and has nothing against homosexuals ;-)
Now I better get back to studying. ♥


  1. that's sounds like tv series for me, thanks for the tips :)

    and nice outfit. xo

  2. Great outfit !
    & Tks for the serie, I think that I'll watch it :D.

  3. I like the tights.