Saturday, April 2, 2011

Massive photobomb

Having been such a bad blogger lately, I decided to make a massive photobomb, with a lot of pictures that I took in March! I think most of these you haven't seen, but it's possible that I've posted some before (I don't have time to check all my posts from March right now). Anyway, there are a lot of photos, so before even looking at them, I suggest refreshing the page, because sometimes they don't load, and you don't even notice the empty space, because it's so small. Enjoy :-) x

Me and Gabriele

Kinder chocolate lover!

Some night out, me and Zsofia, haha

Benjamin looking all "official" with toilet paper .....
3D.. or something

My heels

Me and Florian




My friend Zino :D

Park in the morning

Park in the evening!

Mum ♥

I have this kimono for so many years, I even bought new bathrobes but this one's still my fave :D

Babyhair... @!#$%&*&%$#@!$%&%(*&

My sister

B/W version


  1. great photos!
    you're really pretty!
    But I told it to you :)

  2. beautiful pictures!
    and I really like the one with you and the earphones :)

  3. love these pictures :) I envy your being so photogenic, I just look plain ridiculous on most pics! xx

  4. love that photos!

  5. woow, you look so stunning at 5th photo from the end <3

  6. how did u make that 3d or smthn picture? please tell.. :)
    u have amaazing pictures hun