Wednesday, May 4, 2011

End of days

This is what I wore today :-) Today was a nice, relaxing day, with really nice weather! I also got some good news recently, for example I have no geography test next week, I will probably go to a casting for a modeling agency that invited me, in summer I will see Bullet For My Valentine for the second time and it's going to be amazing!, I have a summer job for the whole of July and will get Luxembourg's minimum wage (i won't say how much it is, but if you're very interested, you can always use our good old friend Google) hehe.. anyways, don't mind my tired face in these photos, they were taken at 7:40 in the morning, before school..
(leather jacket - topshop, denim shirt - gina tricot, jeans - dr denim "kissy", shoes - H&M)


  1. ohh i wish you good luck when you go to the casting ! you'll make it ! :)

  2. IF i go :) because right now im just so lazy, to write them an email with my photos and about when i can go there .. :D
    and yeah, i dunno why i wrote a "casting", it's actually a meeting between me and them.. or do you call that a casting?

    but thank you anyways.. :)

  3. Good-good luck in the casting! Wish we had as beautiful weather here as it is there:) I really like your outfit, so simple, but yet so stylish.

  4. Awesome outfit. The most I like is that jacket, completely in love ^^