Monday, May 2, 2011


Today me and my sister had a little photoshoot with each other :-) here are the first photos! Oh, and I'm very proud that I got a 9.2 in my German test (me?! german?!?! :D)! There is nothing more to tell about today, really.. now I'm gonna tidy my room a bit and do some homework :-)


  1. Izskatās, ka jūs laicīgi esat aizbraukušas no Lv, jo šodien te bija TIK auksts!
    Bet uz jums skatoties, gribas, lai tās ievas novīst nevis zied! Gribu siltu pavasari!

  2. Beautiful pictures ! Looking forward for the rest of them and congrats for the german test :)

  3. I love your skirt, you are very beautiful ! have a good week xx