Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One night in Bangkok

Goodmorning folks :D I am so damn tired now, but I just watched two episodes of HIMYM, and now I'll study a bit for biology. I have first lesson free, so I'm probably gonna go to town in a while too. Today we have our final meeting for the trip to Ireland!!! We leave on Sunday, and we are back next Sunday. Will be sooo fun! We will go surfing (never done that before :P), paintballing (never done that before either but I'm gonna kick ass :P), and lots of other things. On Saturday I'm gonna search for Doc Martens which I will take with me to the trip. Hihi :) Now I better go! But in the photos you can see my outfit yesterday. Have a nice day, and remember that it's not far until the end of the school year.. :-) ♥


  1. skaisti šorti


  2. Oh one week trip you're so lucky! At our school now they're crazy and make only exams... Well, one more month and holidays!Rly nice outfit and beautiful room!:)

  3. Ohhhh ireland, you'll love it :)
    Also really am jealous of your levis haul :P xx