Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yesterday me&my cousin went to get our nails done, and the salon was so pretty that we couldn't resist taking photos! 

They served us tea, it was so good :D
My nails, in the end :D I bite my nails cause I'm always nervous, so I was actually kind of embarrassed to go there, but it was okay in the end :D I really like how she made them all look the same and the nail polish color is one of my all time favourites :D also, it's gel nail polish, which meant, after every coating, I had to put my hand in this box which shone a blue light on my nails.. I'm sure this box has a name, but I'm pretty clueless about all these things, hah. Well anyway, I just wanted to tell you that it was the first time I ever got my nails done professionally, and it was so nice!!!


  1. wow, I love the nailpolish color, it's really girly :)
    did the box look like this? then it's an UV-lamp i think :)

  2. Nekad neesi gribējusi/apsvērusi domu, par nagu pieaudzēšanu?

    Skaisti izskatās, man personīgi patīk īsi nagi, un kā ir garāki, tā uzreiz traucē.