Saturday, June 4, 2011

Clothes swap

So, as I said before, me and the girls are having a clothes swap today. I took my time trying to find the things that I don't wear or need anymore. Here's some of it.
ASOS ankle boots. They used to be my favourite heels, but the last time I wore them was 1 or 2 years ago.
Some bras that are too small or I don't wear them anymore
Zara heels that I bought 3 or 4 years ago. They also used to be my fave, cause I've a weakness for wooden heels, plus they're super comfortable. Yet, I don't wear them anymore.
Some bikini tops
Some bags that I don't wear anymore.
From left: Mango jeans (my most expensive jeans ever, 80 euro, haha), Bik Bok jeggings that I bought last summer but haven't worn, and Bik Bok leggings with biker detail (I used to wear them quite a lot, but now that my ASOS leggings arrived, I hardly ever use these)
From left: Vero Moda kimono type suede jumper, wholesale-net pink jumper with a bow (I love it, but I never wear it), H&M hearted shirt with a cool neck detail (I also LOVE it, but only worn it once :/)
Okay, this is the point when I got tired of showing each thing separately or in pairs, so I just took a photo of one of the piles. On the top is my New Yorker white skirt with pockets, then there is my ex-favourite navy blue cardigan, then there's a champagne colored top with a nice satin neck detail, and the rest you know.
This is the overall thing. There was lots of stuff that I didn't show you, as you can see, it all goes into 3 big bags, but I don't have much time left, I need to get ready myself too :D


  1. I love the first ankle boots!

  2. The shoes on the first pic and the dotted Bikini..oh dear....too adorable! :)
    xx, K.

  3. heh, I done the same order with my clothes... Women like have lots of unused things ;D.


  4. Really nice! Me and my friends doing it sometimes in Brazil.
    Great stuff to exchange!