Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dead memories in my heart

(Pieces hat, bik bok sweater, vintage levis, new look wedges)
This wasn't my outfit today but I wore this another time, but didn't take photos for some reason, so I felt like recreating this look. My German exam went fine, I think. Tomorrow I've English. Will be pretty hard, I'm sure..

Some random facts:
  • I repeatedly come to the conclusion that, despite my laziness, I will probably become a workaholic when I'm older, because, already, I take every opportunity I get, and actually enjoy earning money.
  • Today, I went shopping with Jonas for the first time and picked jeans for him *proud*
  • I see so many cute room accessories and furniture that I think I'm soon probably going to start buying stuff for myself for when I move out (that's in about a year and a half...). I just don't want these pretty things to pass by!
  • I have way..too..many..clothes. And, yet, I never know what to wear. 
  • Pasta will probably stay as my daily diet for life

Sounds familiar?


  1. I love room accessories! I've started saving up some things for when I move out of my parents' house, but that's not too soon so I'm not that worried. I love shopping for my future house though! And by shopping, I mean window shopping. Anyway, you look gorgeous here, you skinny minny! I love the hat and the shoes. Very pretty.


  2. You look so cute! Love the hat and the shorts! Great look!

  3. i loooooooove the way you write your texts! never boring. and you look stunning, love your belly button btw!

  4. I love this look, the short,the hat and your shoes are so cool and i love your nail polish, where did you buy it ? :)

    xxxx Scarlett

  5. im in the same position im leaving home next year but i wanna buy stuff now!! haha
    also are those wedges comfortable to wear for a long time?? im thinking about buying them but i dont want to if they hurt :) xxx

  6. love the sweater with the nail polish :)
    If you end up applying and going to england it will be best to leave it until your actually there. if you stay in the dorms you have to move out by the end of your first year and it might be a bit of a hassle. they have much better stuff in the uk as well! so if you plan on going there just save your money now for other things like summer accesories and pieces ;)

  7. how old were you when you got your belly button pierced? i really want one but i know my mum would kill me :/

  8. lovely outfit btw.
    i agree one of ur random fact about many clothes..
    kad brauksi uz latviju?

  9. you look stunning and i adoreee your wedges! -Elena x

  10. great outfit!

    and yees, I loove to look at room accessories and furniture.. unfortunately I can't buy it now :D but when I move out I'll buy a lot :D
    and the fact with the clothes .. I think it sounds familiar to almost everyone :P

  11. kristiana i didn't know that you like slipknot. I really love the song ''dead memories''