Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting ready

Heyhey! I'm getting ready now. Will finally wear my silk dress. Bought it at a Mango outlet 2 or 3 years ago, but I never wore it cause it's *special*. Today, however, is a nice and sunny day, I'm in a pretty good mood, and I'm gonna eat my favourite ice cream later so I though, what the heck, and put the dress on :D My hair won't stay braided, I just want it to be a little bit wavy, after shower, haha. Well, I better go now, finish getting ready, tidy up my room a bit (in the photos, as you can see, it's pretty tidy already, actually), and then go! Have a great Friday :) ♥


  1. wow i love this dress :)
    oh & what is your favourite ice cream ? :)

  2. why don't you keep them braided? it looks nice and it's perfect for a swinging summer night, isn't it?

  3. Very pretty dress! Looks casual and so comfy.