Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glitter nails

On the day before Duke's night, I felt like doing something with my nails, so I found this nice nail polish and some nail glitter (I have loads of these nail art boxes but never use them :/) The paper is important, in order to keep the place clean, you don't want glitter everywhere in your room! First I put one layer of nail polish on, the color isn't actually that important, but I chose this pink one anyways.

Immediately after applying the nail polish, I poured some glitter on the nail and then I shaked my hands a bit so that the remaining glitter would go back on the paper. After each hand, there wasn't any glitter left in the little box, so I folded the paper and poured it all back in.

This is how my nails looked like after pouring the glitter on and shaking some of it off.. :D not so pretty! But I waited some minutes to make sure it's dry. Then I went to the sink and washed my hands, so that the glitter would come off my skin. The glitter might smear off on the clothes and stuff, so I put on a pink clear nailpolish on top of it, as a top layer.

And voilĂ ! It was so easy and looked so nice, I can't believe I didn't try this before :D 
My nails are very short, because I always bite them, or they break, and then I try to file them all to be the same length. Kind of a neverending  cycle.