Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st

Good morning! :) I'm now getting ready for the photoshoot :) my outfit today is all blue, I really like that recently :D After the shoot, I'll probably chill @ interview for a while and then go to Auchan with Jonas to get some food/drinks for tonight. Then we go to Gabriele's place to help her set up the party and later the guests come. Since it's the middle of the week, I'll be home by midnight or so. But I won't be able to post again today, so have a nice day :D ♥


  1. usually you look good in your photos, but this time you look really damn ugly, sorry :$ Good try tho! :) Can't wait to see the photos from the shoot!

  2. You have such an angel face, so beautiul..

  3. Your so beautiful <3
    In the 2th picture you remind me on Saoirse Ronan from the movie 'The Lovely Bones' !
    xo Alice (: