Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hide from the sun

My outfit today: top and shorts from H&M, bik bok neverdenim denim jacket, my H&M conscious flats, Seppala earrings.
I'm soon off to my french exam. The start of the day was pretty weird. My alarm woke me up at 06:28, as usual, and I got ready, did all my things by 07:00. I looked exactly the same as on these pictures, I was completely ready. Then I checked my agenda and realized that today is the only day during my exams when I start at 14:00! So I went back to sleep for another 5 hours.. This really shows me that I need to check my agenda more often, haha. Now I'm eating breakfast - pasta. I've had pasta everyday for so long now. For example yesterday, I forgot to have breakfast, but then at lunch I ate noodles in town, for dinner I had pasta. The day before, I made pasta for breakfast and for dinner. Oh pasta, what would I do without you!


  1. i love your blog! :)

    where did you get your earrings? :)

  2. Ļoti skaists tops! Izskaties apburoši.

  3. I totally know what you mean, I don't know what I would do without pasta since there aren't many other meals I can prepare in so many variations!