Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last night

Me and Alex
Me, Alex, Markus, my sister
Dilan, Pauls, Markus, sister (who had fun making funny faces in almost every photo :D) and me
Last night was seriously epic! I loved it! The streets were full of people and parties, beer everywhere, friends everywhere, newmade friends everywhere, haha.. it was an awesome night :D At the beginning I was with these guys (and some others), but then our group enlargened, more people tagged along, some Finnish 23 year old blondes, who were so nice, haha.. I would write more and put more photos but I'm going shopping today, and I just found out 20 minutes ago that we're leaving in about 15, so I've got yesterdays hair and make up, and just changed clothes.. :D have a nice day!! and happy national day to everyone in Luxembourg :) xx


  1. Lolz, Alex reminds me on Elvis Presley ..ALOT :D

  2. your hair is soooo nice!

  3. dilan is nice. does he have fb :D?

  4. same goes to Pauls. fb? :D