Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shattering the skies above

 (Yesterday's outfit - topshop top, H&M high waisted shorts)
Hey :) Today has been pretty relaxing! I relaxed in my bed for ages, ate some nice food and read some economics for my upcoming test :D I also tidied my room a bit again, and will continue with similar things. So weird that school starts again tomorrow.. I will have 1 normal week and then two weeks of exams, but in those two weeks i will only have 6 exams, and plenty of days off. The exams will be okay, I think. 4 of them will be literature based (latvian, english, french, german) - there I can't really revise anything, but they usually go fine. Then there will be philosophy, where I might have to study a bit, because I tend to fall asleep in philosophy lessons from time to time.. And then there will be maths, which is usually not a problem for me.
I guess I could say that my holidays began 2 weeks ago when I went to Ireland, cause everything after that is pretty chill.. :D Also the weather has been very nice in Luxembourg, it really brings the mood up :) I better stop writing now, and carry on with my things. TTYL xo

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  1. Lovely photo and outfit. ponytails really suit you :)