Friday, June 10, 2011

Tell me how this story ends

My outfit today :) The shirt is one that I got at the clothes swap, it used to be Maria's!
Haha, my bag for all my school stuff today (had to clean out our lockers since today is the last real school day). Next week my exams start. My economics test went VERY good, I am aiming somewhere between 9.5 and 10.Now I am having a very well deserved lasagna and drinking lots of milk (preparing myself for the casting tomorrow morning, you know? ;D). First I was planning to go out tonight, but today I realised how tired I've been this week, had barely any sleep, so I decided to stay home for once, and simply relax. Maybe will do something tomorrow night.
Oh, yesterday I didn't post anything, I'm so sorry! Mobile blogging didn't work and I was only home at 21:30. Also, me and Amalie witnessed a woman getting beat up by a junkie till her nose was dripping blood, he also cut her and stuff, so we waited with all the other people who were holding the guy to the ground, until the police came, to give them our names and stuff, cause they were asking questions. It was weird.
Now I'm gonna go and watch How I Met Your Mother and eat my lasagna :D


  1. you looked so natural and cute today =)

  2. Nice outfit:) I really like your haircolor~!