Sunday, June 5, 2011

Undisclosed Desires

Me by Florian De Rosnay


  1. This is a great shot - you look so pretty and cozy! Perfect thing to wear at home and lounge around in, I think!


  2. Love the simplicity of your outfit. you're a very beautiful girl, and your hair looks lovely when parted in the middle :)

  3. the sweater looks gorgeous on you! i luv the new background it is perfect for spring and summer.

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  4. dear, you look gorgeous.
    And I want to tell you something (you know it already for sure, clever girl):
    please don't care about all these stupid comments on your formspring (read it right now for the first time!)
    and just stay who you are. and a breaking up isn't something, people will understand, apart form the 2. I know what I am talking about. Try to keep things a little more secret from now on.