Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yesterday in pictures

 (1) Me getting my make-up done by Erica and (2) safety first :D because we took Sarah's scooter to the casting, was really nice.

 Me and Sarah before getting our faces smeared with tons of make up

 Sarah getting her hair done

Me being photographed

 Me and Clarisse later @ Interview

Yesterday was a really fun day! Apart from the fact that I woke up at 7:40, to meet Sarah in town, and drive to the casting. We stayed at the casting approximately 4 hours, cause there were so many girls, and everyone had to wait for everything. I was most scared about doing my catwalk in front of the judges and all the other girls who were looking, but in the end it went fine and they picked me in the agency for photoshootings AND catwalk! Later I went to interview, as usual, and then tried to get my bus home around 8, but all the roads were closed because of the marathon, so I had to find the right place where my bus stops, which was annoying :D When I got home at 21:00, I immediately fell asleep, because I wanted to take a nap. Then I woke up at 09:00 the next morning, still with this blue shirt on, lenses in, make up and ponytai.


  1. love the pictures, really cool that you're in a model agency now :) will you participate at elite too?

  2. that's so cool with the casting! By the way I agree that freaking marathon was a huge pain in the arse, I was at the cinema and had to get a bus to the station and then walk up to place de paris, then get a shuttle and then somehow navigate my way through the maze that was town with that bloody marathon! I was in the centre at half past eight and my bus came at 51 past eight at the badanstalt and i very barely managed to get it! argh x

  3. Clarisse looks just like Gauthier, let me guess - it's his sister?
    By the way love the photo of you getting your make up done and also the helmet one. hot hot girl :)