Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow's another day

Heyhey! Today I haven't been doing much.. :D Woke up at noon, sunbathed for a loooong time, and then me and my neighbour went on a bike ride and to some food shops, for ice cream, crisps and blueberries. Later I went to his house to show him some good music and then we spent 2 hours on chatroulette, I never thought I would do that, but it was so funny :D
Today me and my sister took lots of photos, but then my camera died, and I'm not sure if I packet my battery charger. I've got my fingers crossed, because I don't know if I'll survive without it for a whole month..
Anyway, I got to go now. have a good night xx

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Latvia!

HEY guys ♥!!! I'm done with work! And I'm now in Latvia :-) Last night was pretty crazy! I had one hour of sleep, got stuck in traffic for 2 hours in Belgium at 3 AM because of a really bad road accident, almost missed our plane and yeah. When we arrived in Latvia, me and my sister decided to go shopping immediately, so we shopped from around 10 am to 4 pm, when we were going home. I fell asleep in the bus, woke up with my sister's phone in my face, because, of course, she was taking photos of me sleeping and somehow I managed to walk home in my half asleep state. Now I feel much better! Anyway, I did so much shopping already, it's always so exciting here in Latvia! I will post more in the next days, I just have to wait for my big laptop to arrive so that I could upload photos on it :-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey! Guess what, I passed my theory exam today! :D I was so stressed for it, because it really felt like I hadn't prepared for it at all, but I got 50 points out of 54, which is waaaay more than I expected :D anyway, life is going pretty good at the moment, I'm very happy :)Also, just two full days of work left, and on early Saturday morning I'll be arriving in Latvia where I'll stay for a month and 4 days. I'm pretty excited but I will miss some people so damn much, especially the new friends I got at work, some of them I'll probably never see again :(
Anyways, now I'm going to watch some tv series and catch some sleep, which is well needed! And I promise to spend more time on my blog when I'll be in Latvia, because then I'll be done with work and will have loads of free time :-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I also bought this skirt in Zara yesterday! I'm crazy about these flashy/graphical kind of clothes, so I immediately took it when I saw it. I almost never try clothes on, because I'm too damn lazy or I don't have enough time. It's size 36, however, and the skirt is a bit too wide in the waist :/ I guess I'm gonna sew it in. ♥

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day and night

Here are the photos that I promised :-) My sister already wrote a description on her blog. Basically we are as different to each other as night and day, which was the main idea for these photos :D if you want to see other photos, you can always find someo on my sisters blog>

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lace dresses

On Sunday it's my nameday, and in Latvia we usually celebrate it as a mini birthday. So my parents gave me some money to buy myself a present. I went to Zara and I saw these dresses, they're identical, apart from the color. I couldn't choose which one I liked more so I took both.. they were just 10 euros each :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blinded by Rainbows

Next Friday is my last day at work, and I've a feeling that I'm going to miss it a lot :( maybe not the work itself, but mostly the athmosphere and the people, all the wonderful people I've got to know in the last weeks! They'll all go back to their countries and continue with their studies :( I think from now on, I'll search for jobs every holiday, because it's really great to do something and earn money, instead of just sitting home or wasting all the money money :)
I don't know what else to write or show, hopefully after work my posts will get better again :D 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Behind the scenes"

Sometimes it may take a long time to get the results of a shoot to be good! Things may not always be what they look like ;-) I decided to post some "behind the scenes pictures", just random ones! I couldn't find many, however, I think I could do this more in the future, and collect more photos each time, what do you think? :-)
My "naked back" shoot" (link), "mystery" solved :P and in this photo i was talking, like always, haha so annoying

Me taking the role of the photographer every once in a while during the shoot with Gabriele and Aline :D
...this is why the photos from yesterday only started from my knees above.. x) i love my pink retarded slippers ♥

Monday, July 18, 2011

Can't get no sleep

I'm totally going to wear this outfit in the summer! It's so annoying when I have so many nice skirts/shorts/dresses but can't really wear that stuff to work. Holiday's have not started for me, yet!! After work I met Gabriele to catch up on gossip and see her one last time before we both leave on vacation. I'm gonna miss that girl a lot ♥
And ohhh, I'm going to do my theory exam next Tuesday! I'm kind of nervous, but I think I will do well, I will do the test many times before the actual exam, so that I'd be prepared.
PS: ignore my tired face, haha, I really am tired lately xo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's outfit

This is what I'm wearing today + silver sandals and my new oversized blue/white stripe bag. It's a scheduled post, so right now i'm probably at the barbecue having fun with my friends :D

Sale shopping

Yesterday I went for a little sale shopping! I only had time to go to H&M, before the shops closed so that's where all the things are from. This morning I didn't have much time to make nice photos, so they're all a bit rushed :D I'm off to a barbecue with my student colleagues, I can't wait!!! I scheduled a post for later today, sooo..stay tuned.. :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini photobomb

 Julien, a good friend from work :-)

 My sister

A family friend gave me these as a gift, they're handmade and I'm sooo happy :) ♥

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My sister by me


This is what I wore yesterday to work. Today it's colder, and rainy, so I'm even gonna wear a trench coat. Have a nice day!! ♥

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bittersweet memories

Another stressful, tiring and exhausting day is over! Me and Anne-Marie were planning a shoot after work, but the weather got messed up, sky was full of clouds, it was raining, so we cancelled it. Then, after work, it was again 26 degrees celsius and superduper sunny. Bad luck for us :D but me and my sister had a photoshoot :) I really like the pics I took of her! Hopefully she uploads them on her blog>
Have a nice evening and thanks for reading my blog ♥

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nero - Promises

My FAQ section is ready :-) I couldn't think of any questions, so I just took some topics and wrote the things that people usually ask me :-) You can find the link on the left sidebar (i'll make it prettier later :D) or just click HERE :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hey! This is me today, with my RAF top and greasy hair :D I'm at home, so far haven't done much apart from watching SATC episodes and tidying my desk a little bit. But in my plans for today I still have laundry, tidying my wardrobe and putting up new things for sale on facebook. Thanks a lot for all the help on "long dress" post, I will definitely have a look @ H&M sales :-) ♥

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old webcam pictures

On the left: Age 14.5. I had destroyed my hair by cutting it in a weird way, so I had to cut it shoulder lenght, plus it was pretty much white. Also had my 10mm plug in my ear. On the right: Age 13. My natural hair color (although in the photo it's quite a lot darker than it was in real life and normal light). And there you can see my other ear, i actually still have all those piercings and will get more soon.
Left: Age 15, me and my then best friend Agnija. Right: same age. Have a LOT of retarded photos of me like this, haha.
Left: Age 14. Had my white/yellow hair period. Hair was still long and not "weirdly cut" yet :P Right: age 15 or so, my hair was getting longer again, and I had a fringe which I'm still trying to grow out.
Left: Age 15, trying to grow out my short hair :P also I had a huge eyelash thing back then, I always put on so much mascara and tried different methods of making my lashes longer (although it's hard to see in the photo because my face is so bright from the lamp). Right: Age 15, almost 16. My hair was growing out fine, my eyebrows were 1 mm thin and I got my belly piercing done :P
Outfit from last summer :) I bought this dress for 1,95 Ls, which would be less than 3 euro!
Age 17. Getting ready to meet Freddy..
Some outfits last summer.
Random from last summer as well. Age 16, almost 17.
Last summer's outfit with my ex fave band's The Subways cut up t-shirt (they're still good!)