Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey! Guess what, I passed my theory exam today! :D I was so stressed for it, because it really felt like I hadn't prepared for it at all, but I got 50 points out of 54, which is waaaay more than I expected :D anyway, life is going pretty good at the moment, I'm very happy :)Also, just two full days of work left, and on early Saturday morning I'll be arriving in Latvia where I'll stay for a month and 4 days. I'm pretty excited but I will miss some people so damn much, especially the new friends I got at work, some of them I'll probably never see again :(
Anyways, now I'm going to watch some tv series and catch some sleep, which is well needed! And I promise to spend more time on my blog when I'll be in Latvia, because then I'll be done with work and will have loads of free time :-)


  1. You're just too pretty!
    Loving the blog!
    Following! x


  2. Beautyfull hair.
    fall into me and follow if you like it :)