Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old webcam pictures

On the left: Age 14.5. I had destroyed my hair by cutting it in a weird way, so I had to cut it shoulder lenght, plus it was pretty much white. Also had my 10mm plug in my ear. On the right: Age 13. My natural hair color (although in the photo it's quite a lot darker than it was in real life and normal light). And there you can see my other ear, i actually still have all those piercings and will get more soon.
Left: Age 15, me and my then best friend Agnija. Right: same age. Have a LOT of retarded photos of me like this, haha.
Left: Age 14. Had my white/yellow hair period. Hair was still long and not "weirdly cut" yet :P Right: age 15 or so, my hair was getting longer again, and I had a fringe which I'm still trying to grow out.
Left: Age 15, trying to grow out my short hair :P also I had a huge eyelash thing back then, I always put on so much mascara and tried different methods of making my lashes longer (although it's hard to see in the photo because my face is so bright from the lamp). Right: Age 15, almost 16. My hair was growing out fine, my eyebrows were 1 mm thin and I got my belly piercing done :P
Outfit from last summer :) I bought this dress for 1,95 Ls, which would be less than 3 euro!
Age 17. Getting ready to meet Freddy..
Some outfits last summer.
Random from last summer as well. Age 16, almost 17.
Last summer's outfit with my ex fave band's The Subways cut up t-shirt (they're still good!)


  1. Interesanti paskatīties, kā cilvēks mainās, gadiem ejot.

  2. Your skin is wonderland! No pimples, no blackheads, and very white! Naturaly beautiful, just like u!

  3. Your sister looks so much like u when u were 13 =) That photo reminded me her. ^^

    ps: loved that post!

  4. short hair suited you!

  5. man šķiet, Tev pat labāk piestāv , kad tev ir īsāki mati, nu tādi, kā tajās bildēs, kur tev 14, 15. un tavs fringe Tev arī ļoti labi izskatās, varbūt vajadzētu arī tagad. :)