Saturday, July 2, 2011


(Random photo of me looking like a 10 year old :D)
 Heyhey! My first day at work was great and I already made some new friends! I wore my skinny blue jeans, a blue shirt and my skinny black blazer ;-) Today I'm gonna have a photoshoot with Aline and Gabriele, two awesome girls :D I can't wait!


  1. Hello Kristiana!
    Do you have another blog?
    How can u explain that ?
    I love your style, xox

  2. What?
    OK, just cant believe that -> (the blog .
    Thats the bad side of blogs. But looking to the good side ''you'' are a brazilian girl and you live in a tropical country, ''you'' have sun all the year. LOL. Stop kidding, that girl renamed the people you know: she said your mom is your aunt and Gabrielle has a new name = Marie.
    Crazy isn't it?

    BTW,I love your blog ^^

    //Sorry my bad english =O

  3. thank you!
    and yes, that really suprised me, haha.. :P