Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello, readers :) Today, in Latvia it's a beautiful day, sun is shining but it's way too hot for me (26 degrees Celsius), I can't stand this heat, since I'm kind of from the north and lived in Finland, blablah. However, I did sunbathe outside for some hours, until I felt like I will start to grill from the heat. The rest of the day I just looked after my brother and watched The Big Bang Theory.
I kind of start to miss Luxembourg, especially my friends.. and what is even more weird, I miss school! I actually kind of miss the typical routine in Luxembourg, that I am usually so sick of. Nevertheless, I am very glad to have holidays, it's great to finally relax, even if it's only one month for me, because of work.


  1. Send me some of the heat, it's so darn cold over here, haha! ;)

  2. love the colours! i've kinda gone over to the not-so-dark side and i'm going a bit colour crazy. last summer i stayed for away from it :p oh god in japan it gets to around 35°C during the day and 26°c at night. night time is nice but during the day i'm melting like an ice cream cone.

  3. Lovely outfit! I miss school too! SO strange :P hh

  4. Honey you look gorgeous :) gotta love your hair! anyhow, i was just wondering how long you lived in Finland? and it's +21°C here, but i wouldn't complain if the temperature would rise a little bit!

    greetings from finland, though i'd rather live in australia, just 2 more yrs to go! ;D

  5. thanks everyone :)
    Kaori - but you're still so damn lucky to go to Japan :( those beautiful pink hangers you showed me last year.. ahhhh..
    Janita - i lived there for 3 years, moved there when i was 5 :)

  6. you look brilliant, love the colour! :)