Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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Hey! I'm home and today has been a long but fun day! First I woke up daaaamn early so I could go to my grandma's place where I taught her how to do stuff with her laptop (she already knew the basics but needed more help), and I made sure I bookmarked mine and my sister's blogs on her computer, so she will read them :D
Anyway, after that, I met Elizabete and Laura, who both live near my grandma and we went to a forest, we were just walking deeper and deeper for no reason, until we stopped and became veeeery silly x) first we were screaming at the top of our lungs to see if we could hear our echos, then we had a really fun time taking photos :D here I put a gif of me and Elizabete running around (we did it twice, so in the GIF I put photos from both attempts).
When I got home, me and my sister had an hour long photoshoot, which is crazy cause usually it lasts 30 minutes, max!
Also, today is the 24th of August, which means that in exactly one month I will turn 18! I can't wait! Will officially become an adult, make my own decisions, blabla :D I guess it's the moment that every teenager is waiting for! I still have no idea how to celebrate it though! I was thinking that, since my birthday is on a Saturday, I could go out and party on Friday till very late, then sleep a bit and relax at home and then either go out and party again on Saturday or have a dinner with my friends or just spend some time with my boyfriend? I'm sooooo confused!
Sorry for this random mess of words and letters, as always x) I will now take some time off from editing the 700 new photos, and watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (so addicting). ♥


  1. le fuck :D this gif is so cool

  2. hey :) can you put your sister's blog link, please? :)

  3. we are the best in the west+
    r u b e n e

  4. i love this GIF, so funny and wild. heh (:

  5. how do you do to put many pictures in one? thank you, nice blog!! xx