Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm meeting Kristaps in a couple of hours and this is what I'm going to wear, all blue! The transparent blue top is from Bik Bok (I recently got an identical yellow one as well), and the light blue denim skirt is from H&M.
By the way, I forgot my camera charger at the country side and my grandparents are only coming back in about two weeks so I don't know what to do meanwhile. Any suggestions? My dad said I could use his camera, which is nice because it's VERY good but it weighs like 487386587.5 kg :S


I changed my skirt to the green one, I prefer this look :D
And also, I found my camera charger in my other bag, wooopwoop!! Now me and Kristaps are at Ze Donuts cafe, drinking milkshake and eating donuts. Maybe I can try to convince him to make a vlog with me :D

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