Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little things

Bikini from Bik Bok. The pants were a big too big, they looked like diapers, so today I bought a size smaller :D
I ALWAYS buy these hairclips and hairbands when I go to Bik Bok, because they go perfectly with my blonde hair, and I always lose them so I stock up when I'm in Latvia :)
Hairband from Acessorize
Magazine.. I really don't like buying magazines, they're expensive and I've finished reading the mag after less than an hour. Somehow, I sometimes give them another chance.. and I always come to the same conclusion!
Some make-up


  1. Bik Bok always have so amazing stuff. To have something need to go to Latvia.
    You have made so great purchases!
    Those mayballine nail polishes are so cute. In Ireland we don't have such packaging

    xoxo Ra

  2. Baigi patīk bikini :)