Friday, August 26, 2011

Nero - Crush On You

Hey blog! First of all listen to this song, my latest addiction :D I think my Nero obsession is getting a little out of hand ;-)! The visit to the dentist today was successful. Meaning that they didn't have time to check my teeth cause I was the last one from my family, so they will do it next Wednesday :D hahahah I'm such a pussy! But honestly, the thing that I'm most afraid of is when they will numb my mouth, by injecting the anastesia into my gums, which hurts like shiiiiiit ><
After I got home, I sunbathed for 3 hours and read a book meanwhile, also took a nap (to kill some time, since sunbathing is so boring). Tomorrow there'll be 26 degrees and sun, so I'll be doing the same. On Sunday I'm gonna get some new piercings, so excited! (yeah, I'm afraid of a needle in my gums but not elsewhere, LOGICAL, I know)


  1. Hey Kristy, just wanted to point out your use of the word 'pussy' -- used in such an overtly sexist context.