Thursday, August 11, 2011


 Relaxing in my garden on one of the hot days
 My badge at the Court of Justice. On my last day I had to give it back, so sad :(
 My new heels that I looooooove
 My grandmother's cat, she is so cute :)

My new Bik Bok playsuit :)
 In my garden :)
My new bikini
 Strawberry handcream that I got as a gift recently. It's from a latvian brand, and smells so nice!
 In my garden, with my new cheap sandals :D i reeeeeally like them :D

Me and Kristaps at a vintage store :p

Last week
Elizabete really liked the effect from the leaves+light on my face, so she took a lot of photos like this :D

My dinner some nights ago, because i felt soooo guilty about the amount of potato pancakes I had consumed earlier that day. I'm also trying to be a bit healthier and eating little and drinking a lot of water (which didn't really work so far, btw :p). A big change from my usual junk food diet that consists of pasta and candy every day, so it's really difficult.. :(
My little brother ♥
Elizabete again :)
New nailpolish, I really like the color and the glitter on this one :)
 Soap from a latvian brand :D I've got a lot of new stuff like this, as you can see :D
Some creap that I won at the festival on Sunday. It's supposed to make my skintone even.
This is also gifted, I got this some weeks ago from a family friend. Handmade by some latvian people :)

PS. I've been away at the country side the last few days and I had made a lot of drafts for posts, which I could post when I'm there, but the internet was so slow that I just wanted to bang my head in the wall every time I tried to publish a post. I tried to publish this post at least 20 times! And now the feeling of success is undescribable.. Okay, whatever, goodnight :-) :D