Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today's outfit

Heyhey! This is what I wore today :) do you care to know the budget of this outfit? I'm sometimes so proud of my sale findings so I wanna show off, you know ;D (weird, some people show off with how expensive their clothes are, I always have to tell them how cheap MY clothes are!). New Look ankle boots 7 pounds on sale, Cubus white dress/long top 3Ls (less than 5 euros), Gina Tricot cardigan around 15 euro (i wasn't sure if i wanna spend 15 on it, but it proved to be a good buy cause I wear it so often :)), New Yorker bag 12 Ls and H&M scarf 5 euro or something :)


  1. very cute!! & I'm a cheapy too.

  2. lovely outfit!
    I'm currently kind of obsessed with ankle boots :D it's really weird but every time I see a nice pair I want to have them :D
    and yours are definitely nice!

  3. I looooove that dress! The outfit is sooo lovely but simple and that´s my favourite thing! Really need to get a shirt/dress in whitel ike this now. I have a nude colour, but haven´t worn it yet, but now i know i need to!
    I think in winter, with tights it will be a beautiful look!
    Love from Germany :*

  4. i absolutely love this outfit (:

  5. Lovely, especially the boots!

    I always love finding clothes at a great deal, lol. Nothing better than buying tons of stuff at a low price. ;D